World view

World view means a philosophy of life, a conception or theor of the world. World view is located at the centre of the diagram and influences all other layers of the diagram. You world view is your perception of what is real in the world (for example, what you believe about how the universe was created), your personal and intellectual model of reality, you ideas and attitudes about the world, and your system of beliefs.

Beliefs: Your world view influences your beliefs. A belief is a mental, person concept about an aspect of reality. It includes how you evaluate knowledge and what you consider to be true (for example, the belief in a afterlife).

Values: Your believe then influence your values. Your values are things that you believe are good or moral (for example, treating animals with respect). They are your ideas or deals of what you hold desirable (or the opposite). Your values define what you find important lin life and against which you might assess your progress in life.

Behaviours: Lastly, your behaviours are determined by all the other factors. Your world view, believs, and values determine how you act and treat other people. Your behaviours are the actions that you take, which can be heard or seen. Think of it as the way you live your life, react and respond to situations and events, and conduct yourself (your attitudes toward both yourself and others).